Migrating to a Service-Oriented Architecture (Di, 17.3.)

Harry Sneed

This half-day tutorial deals with the subject of reusing existing code as web services in a service-oriented architecture. It begins with a lecture on service-oriented architectures and how they can be constructed. The challenge lies in collecting the services. They can be bought, rented, borrowed, developed or taken from the existing code base. The enterprise SOA will usually consist of a mixture of these service types. In deciding to what degree existing software can be used the user must make an inventory of the current legacy systems and select components which could be candidates for reuse as services. These have to then be analyzed, adapted and wrapped behind a WSDL or WADL interface. The tutor will present tools for doing that. The tutorial continues with a demonstration of the wrapping tools using both procedural and object-oriented code. After that participants are given the chance to document the architecture using SoaML and to review the quality of the architecture. The service in question is an ordering service written in COBOL and Java.